Why Do I Need Accessories?

The AR-15 is to firearms what Jeeps are to SUVs—both have extensive options for accessorizing. Any type of customization can noticeably change the way it operates. The more time you spend modifying your rifle, the more comfortable you will be shooting it, because you will know its full capabilities. As a result, you’ll build a bond with your gun and feel confident in its ability to perform in any situation, be it self-defense, hunting, or competition!

Which Accessories Should I Choose?

The DigiTrigger is, we would argue, the number one must-have accessory available for a number of reasons. It allows for exceptional trigger control, increases your rate of fire, and helps improve accuracy. It’s a quality innovation that can revolutionize your shooting game.  Unlike the myriad of other accessories, the DigiTrigger directly affects your shooting performance and efficacy.

There are other accessories you can also add on to enhance the DigiTrigger’s effectiveness, including:

· An extra-power buffer spring-

Replacing your factory buffer spring with an extra power version increases your rifles cyclic rate.  It also allows for more reliable feeding of ammunition, as the extra force applied to the BCG means a round in perfect battery. They are faster and more reliable than reduced power springs, and unlike most accessories, relatively inexpensive.

· A low friction bolt carrier group-

The lower coefficient of friction aspect allows the bolt carrier group to cycle marginally more quickly and reliably. In conjunction with the heavy buffer spring, it allows for faster feeding of ammo. The inherent lubricity helps prevent rapid carbon buildup, which occurs during high rates of fire. We recommend chrome lined, nickel Teflon, and nickel boron.

· A piston upper-

AR-15 style rifles cycle by either direct impingement or by gas piston. Piston systems typically cycle faster because of minimal distance between the high pressure gas and piston.  Also beneficial is the separation between the gas system and BCG, which keeps carbon from building up rapidly and affecting the performance of the bolt carrier. The reliable and rapid cycling, in addition with being able to stay clean for extended periods of ammunition expenditure, makes piston uppers an ideal choice.

These accessories go well together because they work to facilitate smoother, faster, more accurate shooting. If you had all of these additions on top of the DigiTrigger. Your rifle would be a force to be reckoned with.

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