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Shipping and Installation Process

This shipping process DOES NOT apply to lower assemblies and complete firearms. This process only applies to the sale of standalone trigger systems that have to be installed on your firearm.

Step 1

Remove the lower from your AR-15. You must ship us your "complete lower". Definition of a "Complete Lower" Must have a serial number, fully functional fire control group, take down pins, magazine catch, buffer tube assembly, and rifle buttstock.
  • We cannot accept 80% Lowers
  • Lower must have a removable trigger guard

Step 2

Ship your lower to our installation facility. You will need to use FedEx shipping and specifically use a FedEx center that ships “dangerous goods”. Click Here to view locations near you.

Our address is:

Digital Trigger Technologies 401 1ST AVE Mount Pleasant, TN 38474 Approved Dealers

Step 3

Get email updates every step of the way.
  • Receive an email when we get your Lower
  • You will get another email when it has been successfully installed
  • The last email will be sent when your DigiTrigger has shipped out!

Step 4

Get your DigiTrigger shipped back to you when installation is complete. You will need to provide a valid driver’s license upon purchase. We can ONLY SHIP BACK TO THE ADDRESS ON THAT DRIVER’S LICENSE.