While a Digital Hybrid Trigger system that drops into an existing firearm is the world’s first, a firearm with a digital trigger is not. Pistols and rifles with digital triggers have been around for over a decade. They are just cost prohibitive. A targeting pistol can cost between $2000 to $5000, and moreover, does not function without a battery.
The ATF has always maintained that a firearm that fires once per pull of trigger and once per release of the trigger IS NOT A MACHINE GUN, and therefore not regulated by the NFA. Shotguns have done this for decades, and there are mechanical drops in triggers that do this currently for the AR-15 platform. Here is an ATF determination letter that specifically defines this pull/release style trigger operation:

View Determination Letter

This is also repeated in the more recent determination letter below: (See Answer 17)

In addition, this ATF determination letter specifically addresses a firearm that operates with a digital or “fly by wire” trigger: (See Question/Answer 21)

View Determination Letter

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