If you want to lighten your trigger’s pull weight in order to get a smoother and more accurate shot, there are a few trigger modification options available to you. You can take it to a gunsmith and get a trigger job, you can install (or have installed) a two-stage trigger, or you can purchase a DigiTrigger. So which option is best?

Option A- Trigger Jobs

Trigger jobs occur on existing triggers, so you can keep the one you have and still improve your aim. You take it to a gunsmith, and they polish and hone the sear (the part of the trigger that holds and releases the hammer) surfaces to remove trigger creep (the distance the trigger travels just before it breaks). They can also add lightened springs to make the trigger lighter, but the problem with lighter springs is that they can cause a light primer strike, which means the hammer didn’t hit the firing pin hard enough to cause the gun to fire. This process usually costs between $50-100 and results in the trigger pull being about 3-6 lbs. after alterations.

Option B- Two-Stage Trigger

This trigger modification differs from Option A in that you are actually replacing your standard trigger, not just tweaking it. Two-stage triggers drop in like standards do, so you or a gunsmith (recommended) would uninstall your standard trigger and reinstall the two-stage. Basically, a two-stage trigger will have two stages of pull before fire: the pull to the break point, which is about 2-2.5lbs, and a lighter pull past that when you apply pressure to cause it to fire, which is about 1.5-2lbs. This allows for more precise shot timing and more security —the gun won’t just go off if you drop it. But this option is about twice as costly, ranging from $200-400.

Option 3- DigiTrigger

The DigiTrigger is a trigger modification that combines the best of both options. In pull and release mode, it functions as a synthetic two-stage; it is a replacement for your standard trigger that has the feel of a two-stage, but is actually a single-stage. Single-stage triggers are more reliable in accuracy than two-stage triggers, so with the DigiTrigger, you improve both accuracy and timing. 

The DigiTrigger is a quality innovation that is on the rise as the most popular solution to improving your shooting ability. If you want to hit your target every time, without worrying about heavy trigger pull or safety issues, this is hands-down the best option for your trigger modification. 

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